Shower Doors

For many of us, time spent in the shower is like a mini vacation for our minds. It is the one time when we can afford to set aside all of our concerns and wash away our worries, if only for ten minutes.

Some of us even do most of our creative thinking while we’re busy getting sudsy, coming up with new ideas or fascinating answers to some of our age-old questions. Research studies have actually shown that hot showers can alleviate tension, relieve aching muscles, and reduce stress and anxieties—although we think the showerhead singing and birthday suits may be helping, too! While there are certain health benefits to staying on top of your cleaning needs, there is so much more to a shower than just hygiene.

At Cutting Crew Glass, your Vancouver glass company, we believe that you need to feel comfortable in your shower to truly optimize your time and enjoyment. The environment of your shower, including its functionality, beauty, and utility, can play a big role in the degree to which you’re able to relax and relish, and we want the most for all of our clients. Could your shower benefit from a shiny new update? Whether in Burnaby, Vancouver, or Greater Vancouver, frameless glass shower doors are a great option.

As a design aspect in your home, pristine glass can supply some much-needed space, light, and brightness to any room. Whether it’s an illuminating window or a lightly tinted door, clear glass installations are just as beautiful as they are useful and surprisingly dynamic. Combine all the aesthetic and practical benefits of glass with the significance and relaxation of your shower and what do you get? Convenience and beauty in the form of sleek and sophisticated shower doors. Installing sliding, hinged, or stationary glass to your shower is an ingenious new way to provide depth, personality, and sheen to your bathroom sanctuary. Visit our Burnaby location for more information on glass shower doors.

Cutting Crew Glass’ shower doors will let you bathe in modern elegance that is quick to install and easy to maintain. Long gone are the days of fumbling with cheap curtains, dealing with the mildew build up on old fabrics or being encased in a dark, dingy water cave. At our Burnaby shower glass company, we’ve got you covered with our custom-designed shower doors that will fit your budget, lifestyle, and look. Never before has achieved that sexy spa-like atmosphere been so easy. The sleek surface will brighten your bathing arena and add a sense spaciousness with a modern and innovative appeal while allowing as much privacy and opacity as your hygienic heart desires. Whether you’re renovating in Burnaby or a contractor in Vancouver, frameless shower doors are both modern and elegant.

Our unique designs will allow you to find or custom create the perfect shower doors to suit your bathroom and shower needs. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter shapes or sizes that limit your expectations or just don’t quite fit! Find out more about frameless shower doors from our Burnaby location. Let your imagination run wild with our custom glass bathroom designs. Whether it’s a steamy getaway or a quick rinse, shiny new shower doors will turn your shower into a few square feet of paradise.

Contact our Surrey glass company today for further information on our shower door options. We’ll be happy to provide you with answers to your questions or set up a consultation or appointment!


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