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Who wins in the battle of between shower doors and shower curtains

Glass Shower Doors

If you have an interest in the benefits of a glass shower door, look to our professional team. We design and install frameless glass shower and tub enclosures for bathrooms of all sizes and styles. Let us have a look at your bathroom so we can recommend a specific type of shower door, determine your ventilation requirements, and help you with the proper placement of shower fixtures.

Contact us today to set an appointment for frameless glass shower door design. Our professional glass design team is only a phone call away!

Benefits of Shower Curtains

Softer appearance: A bathroom is a place of many hard surfaces. If you replace your shower door with a shower curtain, you add some much-needed softness to a space that could otherwise appear harsh and sterile.
More personality: Shower curtains are available in all colors and prints to assist you to personalize the space with your signature flair. Most importantly, when you get tired of the look, you can swap out the shower curtain for a new one.

Privacy in shared bathrooms: If it’s likely you’ll be sharing the bathroom with someone who isn’t your significant other, you may require the privacy of a shower stall with an opaque shower curtain rather than a see-through glass door.

Easy to wash: When the first signs of staining or mildew appear, simply strip the curtain down and throw it in the wash. Ensure you choose a machine washable material for this very purpose.
Flexible: Want to hide a dirty bathtub when guests drop in? Then close the shower curtain. Or, do you wish to display custom tiles and gleaming porcelain? Then throw the curtain wide open! Tiebacks offer a traditional look that frames your tub or shower like a window.

Benefits of Shower Doors

Complete enclosure: There’s no need to fear water leaking out or cold air infiltrating when your shower is fully enclosed with a glass sliding door.
Larger-looking bathroom: Since you can see through a glass enclosure, the shower itself contributes to the size of the room. This helps prevent a compact bathroom from feeling claustrophobic.
Simple appearance: If you have a lot of other decorations in the bathroom, a patterned shower curtain may be excessive. Prevent overwhelming your senses with a clear glass shower door.
Modern feel: For chic designer bathrooms, shower doors are usually preferable for their contemporary lines and no-nonsense appearance.
VOC-free: Some new vinyl shower curtains release potentially harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. To avoid this, read shower curtain labels and choose a PVC-free option. Even better, avoid the worry altogether by choosing a chemical-free glass shower door that won’t hamper your indoor air quality.
Who Wins the Battle?

When it pertains to choosing a shower enclosure, you have more choices today than ever. As we’ve compared walk-in showers with a curtain or a door, it’s obvious that one isn’t necessarily more high-end than the other. Either option may be luxurious and beautiful, so long as you choose quality products for your bathroom makeover.

If you’re redoing your bathroom, you have a vital question to answer: do you choose a shower curtain or sliding glass door? You might instantly gravitate toward the softness of a linen shower curtain, or determine that you prefer the modern look and clean lines of a glass shower door.