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Severe weather appears in many forms and can hit your house in every season. So, it’s always a good time to discuss protecting glass doors and windows from stormy weather.

Emergency Board Up Services

There are two ways to utilize batten services. The first option is a preventative method. If you don’t have high-impact glass, hurricane film or storm shutters, you can call an emergency batten company to cover the exterior of your windows and glass doors with plywood when a storm is approaching. Then if debris goes flying, the glass is safe.

The second option is a recovery method. If your windows are damaged in severe weather, batten services cover the gaping hole so your home is protected from further storm damage, in addition to burglary and vandalism. Whether used as a preventative or recovery method, board up services help prevent property damage, reduce the risk of liability and improve your chances of insurance coverage.

High-Impact Glass

If your home is located in a stormy region, high-impact glass is a great way to protect your doors and windows without affecting your home’s curb appeal. These windows feature a plastic film sandwiched between two sheets of tempered glass. This design makes your windows perform similar to a windshield, cracking into spider web patterns when hit, but not completely shattering. Due to this, high-impact glass is also a great burglar deterrent.

Storm Shutters

Accordion or roll-down shutters are permanently installed outside of your home, making them easy to deploy in the nick of time when a storm is heading your way. Storm shutters are often perforated or made from translucent material to allow natural light to enter. Try to find shutters made from aluminum, aluminum-wrapped foam or reinforced fabric.

Hurricane Film

A cheaper option than high-impact glass is to cover your existing windows with a clear plastic “hurricane film.” This helps prevent glass from shattering when impacted by flying debris. However, hurricane film does nothing to stop the wind from blowing the window off of the frame.

Storm Windows and Doors

This kind of glass protection in storm season involves installing a second window or door over the existing one. This is a good option if you can’t afford to replace your windows with high-impact glass, but you want more protection than hurricane film can offer.

Storm windows and doors are typically made from polycarbonate plastic or laminated tempered glass to provide great impact resistance during storms. Many kinds of storm windows and doors provide year-round benefits, including added security and reduced airflow for lower cooling and heating bills.

Even your best attempt at glass protection may not suffice for them to survive awful storms. If the windows on your property or business need repair or replacement following a storm, we offer the emergency glass services you need. We react to calls 24/7, providing emergency board up services to damaged sites followed up by timely glass replacement to get your home or business back to normal.