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Even if the weather gets cooler in the fall, here, you don’t need to sacrifice time outdoors! Consider adding glass to enhance your patio. There are many ways to add glass to your patio that will contribute to its beauty and functionality. Glass also makes an excellent windbreak without obstructing your view. Envision trying some of the following four ideas in your backyard. It may just make your patio your favorite place to be in the fall season.

Glass Pergolas Add a Touch of Class

Glass pergolas are an attractive alternative to the incredibly popular wooden models. They add a unique beauty to your backyard, can protect from the sun and rain, and could be custom designed to your personal taste. Yet, because they are glass, they let the light through making the entire area seem unencumbered by architecture.

Make the Entrance to Your Patio a Sliding Glass Wall

A sliding wall that opens up to a back patio is a great way to extend your living area both visually and literally. By replacing the wall with movable glass, you naturally extend your house to the outside by removing any physical barriers. Imagine the ease of entertaining and how wonderful your next family gathering would be with the addition of a sliding glass wall.

Enclosed Patios Protect from Rain, Wind & Cold

Enclosing part or all of your patio with glass would give you longer periods of use assuring that you are still able to enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s rainy, windy or cool. Glass patio enclosures are attractive, leave the view intact, and add value to your home.

Fire Pit Wind Guards Allow You to Enjoy the Warmth Regardless Of the Wind

Glass Wind Guard for fire pits have become an extremely popular staple in many backyards, especially on cool nights. But sometimes cool nights are windy nights which disturb your fire.

The perfect solution is a glass wind guard that perfectly surrounds your fire pit. Enjoy the fire pit, reap the warmth, and assure that the flames remain in place.

Our expert team wants to collaborate with you to help enhance your outdoor living space and extend your patio season. Being specialists in customization, we will create beautiful glass pieces to fit your needs.