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Five Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Five Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Despite looking through them daily, it’s easy to overlook the state of your windows, even when they’re screaming for attention. Luckily, it’s easy to recognize the signs of windows in need. How do you know when to replace windows?

Rising Heating & Cooling Costs

In homes with older windows, especially single pane ones, chances are a large chunk of your cooling and heating dollars are being wasted. Single pane and worn double-paned units are prone to leaks. Replacing tired, leaky windows with newer, highly-efficient IGUs can help prevent air leaks and thermal heat transfer, saving you 10-25% on your cooling and heating bills– your home’s largest energy expense. All windows are not the same, however, it is necessary to discuss your home’s specific needs with a glass and window specialist just before purchase.

Drafts on Windy Days

If you feel the breeze when standing by your window to admire the snow on chilly winter days, chances are you have a serious air leak around your windows. You can verify this easily with a burning incense stick: If smoke moves, you have a leak. In really bad cases, you’ll see light through the frame if you shine a flashlight through them in the dark. Your home would stay much warmer, and you ‘d have a far lower electric bill, with those holes sealed up.

Difficulty Raising & Lowering Windows

Do you need to force or prop windows open? If you struggle to open or shut windows, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Wood windows are especially known for this.

Fog between Double Pane Windows

Do you notice fog or condensation between your glass panes? This indicates seal failure, allowing moisture to invade the space between panes. In extremely cold weather, you may even notice frost/ice buildup. High-quality windows can often be repaired, but in other cases, window replacement may be a better option.

Double Pane Windows are Cold to the Touch

Windows cold to the touch? Your cooling and heating dollars are likely going out the window, with the temperature of conditioned air from ductwork being drastically affected when exposed to your windows. For more efficient cooling and heating and a more comfortable home, you need windows that offer better insulating properties.

Replacing Your Windows Offers Many Advantages

Boosting Value

Energy efficient windows, like safe, updated electrical, are a great selling point, increasing your home’s curb appeal and value.

Keeping Your Family Comfortable

More energy efficient window options help you maintain a more comfortable home environment, with less energy use. Less leakage also reduced condensation on the glass in your home, helping you control humidity issues.

Lowering Energy Bills

Less heat loss from leaks and thermal transfer means more of your hard-earned dollars stay in your pocket. In fact, the cost of new windows can typically be recouped in just a few short years because of their substantial energy savings. Contact your local city or utility provider to discover if they offer financial incentives to help you recoup these costs even more quickly.

Reducing Noise

Along with offering improved thermal insulation, new windows also produce far better sound insulation, helping you reduce the amount of noise transferred inside from outdoor activities, and better soundproofing your home.

What’s the best window replacement solution for your home? Get the expert information you need from the friendly neighborhood experts.